Privacy Policy:
We here at GlobalDom, along with our global network of companies, offering a wide variety of products and services from food production to military defense, use cookies to track your internet surfing habits in and out of our network. In short, we know EVERYWHERE you go online. You have no secrets from us.

You may be wondering what we do with that data.

Well, we don't really need to tell you, but since there's nothing you can do about it anyway, we'll explain.

We track the data to use for advertising purposes within our network of companies. We also sell the data to the highest bidder and provide it to black ops government groups bent on keeping the enemy down.

How it works:
Let's say you visit an alcohol addiction website in attempt to get information on how to quit drinking. Through our global reach of ads and secretly installed adware, we are able to not only track you through your IP address, but also serve advetisements for alcoholic products you might enjoy straight to your computer.

Another Example:
Did you visit a medical site recently to inquire about cancer? Well, there's a good chance we'll pass that information along to your insurance provider and you can kiss your coverage goodbye. This is just one of several ways that we protect our corporate partners.

What else we do with your data:
We also use data of your websurfing habits to provide our employees with a good laugh. Really, you'd be surprised at the websites that some high profile Democratic political leaders visit. Do you have any idea how many prominent liberals are actively invovled in the seedy underbelly of the furry community?

Note: By visiting our website, you agree to all terms outlined on this page and any terms which may be outlined in future revisions of this page, as well as provisions which are outlined at our corporate site. It is up to you to monitor this page for any changes to our policy. You never know when we will update the page, or how many times we might update the page. For instance, last March, we updated the privacy policy 17 times within one hour. Site visitors were forced to abide by provisions detailed in the privacy policy, even though it could have conceivably changed up to 17 times during the course of one visit to the website. Of course, being liberals who never want to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, we got one asshole who claimed, "That's no fair, you can't force me to give you my first born son!" Even though it was CLEARLY OUTLINED IN AMENDED PRIVACY POLICY 17.49.22 SECTION 19, SUBSECTION 12.5 C II.

Our lawyers proved otherwise. An agreement is an agreement, fucker.


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Privacy Policy.