Meet the cast:

Big Blue Big Blue:
You may recognize this lovable lug as the former mascot for Burger Shack, named after the Big Blue, a quadruple cheeseburger with blue buns. However, after an e coli scare perpetuated by the liberal media, Burger Shack abandoned the ad campaign and fired Big Blue. Luckily, the mascot was able to find a job with the Best Kids Show Ever, where he bides his time, plotting an elaborate vengeance upon evil leftists and vegans.

Brad and Thad
Brad and Thad: Brad and Thad are roommates that could not be more different! While Brad is tall, thin, athletic and neat with a perfectly shaved crotch, Thad is dumpy, frumpy and lazy.

The one thing these two hetero guys have in common is their hate for gays!

Brad is a hairdresser by profession with a love for Broadway and scrap booking. Thad is a high school wrestling coach who loves watching football, wrestling and pretty much any sport involving big, sweaty men pounding each other mercilessly.

When they aren't dishing on Hollywood actors they know are queer, Brad and Thad can be heard calling right wing talk radio shows to parrot the hosts' anti-homosexual agenda.

Shaky Snake
Shaky Snake: A nervous Nellie, always afraid of some impending doom, real like complex terrorist plots and gay marriage destroying the sanctity of marriage, or imagined, like global warming.

Karlin KARLIN:
This foul-mouthed liberal is the token leftie on the show, mandated by Federal laws. Living in a trash can, this tourettes addled hippie is a horrible example for children, and thusly given only the minimum legally obligated screen time per week.



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